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Human race has developed more than any other living being on planet and this development had been possible because Humans had been able to protect their life and property better than any other animal in the air, on the land and inside the waters.The Internet and other digital mediums opened wholly new vistas on wealth creations and wealth multiplications, but cyber criminals are a REAL threat to this newly opened avenues of wealth and knowledge creations and dissemination. Internet and digital helps spread the democracy as well. Center for Research on Cyber Crime and Cyber Law is aiming to train, equip, enable the cyber warriors to protect the digital world from the grave threats posed from cyber criminals of all hues. So far we have trained more than 5000 law enforcement officials, few hundred judicial officers, public prosecutors, faculties and professors from hundreds of colleges and universities and their students and to be cyber safe ready.We have published books, blogs, news items and general awareness material from time to time and will continue to do so in the larger public interest.


Mr. Anuj Agrawal Founder & Chairman of Cybergyan

Prof. Dr. S.K. Kak, Ex. V.C, Prof of I.T. Electronics

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